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Gibbs Family Reunion

Reunion Reflections

We had the Gibbs reunion, on July 22, 2006

All was good but the weather, which  we could not fix.

The temperature grew and that was quite mean.

It rose and it rose to one thirteen!

We had trees, we had shade, which saved us all.

But, next time the reunion will be in the spring or the fall!


Families of Vernon and Sidney they did appear,

And soon most realized they had nothing to fear.

We may have not known, all those to attend.

But many came away with more family and a friend.


We learned more about ourselves, through the history of our past.

We hope it sparked an interest, in each of you to last.

From Gibbs and Gipson, where this all started

We’re family forever, never to be parted.


We thank you for coming, and bearing the heat.

We bid you a due, until the next time we meet.


-Kimberly McCarthy 2006












Gibbs Reunion

(poem read at reunion)


We gather here, for one simple reason.

To connect like before, like during holiday seasons.

But our families grew, and it seemed to be apart.

The Gibbs Family Reunion, needed a new start.


Each one of us have a memory, do you remember when?

We had dinners, and playing, we were cousins and we were friends.


When you look at the faces, do you see features of yore?

You can most certainly be assured; they aren’t as young as before.


Some memories are fresh, while others are faded.

Reunions are a place, where we don’t feel out-dated.


The mature of our group, offer a glimpse into our past.

They provide the stories…that through generations will last.


Our offspring will carry, your tributes to share.

They’ll use every memory; they’ll show that you cared…


From William and Anna, this clan did spring.

Their legacy is us, and to this reunion you bring…

Stories of me and you and how we begun

Starting with Sidney, and, his brother...Vernon.


Don’t be confused, with the names that repeat.

Or one person with two names, we’ll explain take a seat.

Do you remember Anna as Grandma Gibbs...or Grandma Vetter?

If it was up to Sidney, Gibbs would be better.


Which William do you refer? One, two, three, or four?

Yes, it’s confusing, as was stated before.

How about children?  Sidney and Vernon’s matched.

A girl, a boy, a girl in that order each attach!


From them the faces next to you, that are in the mix.

Are part of William and Anna’s descendants, totaling 66.

So why am I here?  You may ask.

It’s to welcome the future, and remember the past.


We welcome you to our 2nd Gibbs Family Reunion.

We wish you good health, good memories, and good times.

                                                                                                                                      -Kimberly McCarthy 2006